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Celebration Notes

Celebration Notes

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Cel-a-brate good times, come on! (Yup, you sang along, didn't ya?). Celebration Notes are for all of life's wonderful milestones and celebrations. Instead of having to find that "perfect-non-generic-fits-your-person" kind of card at the store, that also costs too much, and takes too long to find... just have these on hand, and you are all set! Plus, there is still room on the back for you to write a personal note, AND, they are more likely to hang onto this card (it's true, we've tested it!). 

Do you remember passing notes to friends? I sure do! There is something about sending a little message to a friend that not only makes their day, but yours too. Passing Notes was created to give you an easy and convenient way to give encouragement to those around you. Pass a note to a friend, put a note in some flowers, in your kid’s lunch box, or on a gift… really, the opportunities are endless. There is also space on the back to write a personal note if you’d like! Don’t forget to put the hard carrying case to use and toss it in your bag or pocket so you can encourage people anywhere.

This pack is CELEBRATION themed.


  • 40 full color printed cards on durable cardstock
  • 20 different designs (2 of each design included)
  • Hard carrying case so you can take it with you anywhere
  • Passing Notes swag sticker- just for you!
  • Bookmark pull tab for easy access to each note
  • Quotes Included:
    • Congratulations on reaching this exciting milestone!
    • It's amazing to see all that you've accomplished!
    • Here's to many more years of happiness and success!
    • You truly are an inspiration to me.
    • You've come so far and have so much to be proud of.
    • The world is a better place with you in it.
    • Here's to making a difference in the lives of others. 
    • You've accomplished so much and have so much more to look forward to.
    • You're an amazing individual and I feel privileged to know you. 
    • You've been a positive influence on so many lives.
    • You're an amazing person with so much to be proud of.
    • You're a wonderful person with a heart of gold.
    • You're a true leader and role model.
    • You're a remarkable individual with so much to offer.
    • You did it!
    • Congratulations!
    • Wishing you the very best this next year. Happy Birthday!
    • May this be your best year yet. Happy Birthday!
    • You impress me!
    • Y'all are cute, happy anniversary!

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