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Digital Bundle- Confidence Notes

Digital Bundle- Confidence Notes

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Do you remember passing notes to friends? I sure do! There is something about sending a little message to a friend that not only makes their day, but yours too. Passing Notes was created to give you an easy and convenient way to give encouragement to those around you. Pass a note to a friend, put a note in some flowers, in your kid’s lunch box, or on a gift… really, the opportunities are endless. There is also space on the back to write a personal note if you’d like! Don’t forget to put the hard carrying case to use and toss it in your bag or pocket so you can encourage people anywhere.

This bundle is CONFIDENCE themed.


  • Instructions for quality printing and cutting.
  • 20 different designs
  • Quotes Included:
    • You have the power to create the life you want.
    • You are surrounded by love.
    • You are beautiful inside & out.
    • You deserve the best. Now accept it.
    • All you need is already within you.
    • You are in charge of how you feel today.
    • You have the ability to achieve your dreams.
    • Amazing opportunities exist for you!
    • Accept & love all of you (not just parts of you).
    • Believe in yourself.
    • Have confidence in everything you do.
    • You have the power to adapt.
    • Everything you desire is possible.
    • You are fiercely capable!
    • You are powerful.
    • Breath in confidence & breath out fear.
    • It doesn’t seem like it now, but someday you’ll look back & see that this challenge turned into something good.
    • Choose to be energetic & enthusiastic.
    • You’re important to me.
    • Trust your intuition.

Once your purchase is finalized, you will receive access to the file.

NOTE: You are welcome to print as often as you’d like. You are NOT authorized to sell, transfer, digitize or pass this product off as your own.

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