Customer Reviews

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Here is what we have heard from our customers: 

"I love using notes in my daughter's lunch box. It has helped calm her anxiety at school."- Sarah 

Confidence Note Pack opened on the shore of Lake Superior

"My friends really loved the Note Packs I gifted to them. They are the type of people that love encouraging their friends, and they are excited that they now have an easy way to encourage everyone- their co-workers, family, and more." - Hannah

"I have really enjoyed using these in my classroom. I created a spot on one of my bulletin boards where I keep the cards in a pocket. Whenever a student needs an encouragement, or would like to encourage another student, I let them choose a card. It has changed the atmosphere in our classroom."- Layla

"It makes me smile again and again, when I walk past my co-workers desks and see the notes I gave them displayed. I love knowing that it is the note that keeps on giving and giving."- Tina

"While I would love to write a nice letter every time, I don't have the ability to do that. With y'all's notes I always feel like I am giving a quality affirmation, but still able to do so while living my busy life." - Sue

"These are my favorite stickers! You always have such fun color combinations, and the statements are the best, most genuine and real statements I have found. I often get a good laugh, too, because they couldn't be truer." - Nathan

"I am a greeting card collector, I always have to have some on hand. I cannot resist your cards! They fit so many different occasions, and I love their simplicity." - Jennifer


Here are some of our favorite ways to use our products: 


- in lunch boxes     - with flowers (instead of the florist card)
- with a letter          - with their favorite beverage
- drop it in co-workers mailboxes or on their desk, just because
- with a piece of chocolate for a mid-day 'pick me up'
-  punch a hole in the corner and with string, attach to a gift


- on water bottles     - on laptops 
- on mirrors.              - on bumpers
- gift with a Note      - perfect addition to a gift
- stocking stuffer      - just because :)


- when gifting money    - celebrating a life milestone
- when giving a gift      - when writing a longer affirmation

Note Packs on display at a local event


Stickers all packaged up and being held


Cards packaged up and available for perusing