Our Story

Passing Notes provides Notes, stickers and cards using a handwritten style to help you encourage those around you in a simple, effective and beautiful way. Consider the sweetest note, letter or gift you've ever received... it was likely given to you when you weren't expecting it, which made it even sweeter. Our products are intended to be used in your 'every day' moments. The moments when someone around you needs to be reminded just how valued they are, or when you want to give them a smile and brighten their day, or when you don't know what to say but they need to know you're there for them. We've intentionally created various themes of each product to meet life's various seasons. 

Photo is of Bethany and her husband Phillip hugging a family member. They are wearing greens, blacks and golden yellows in an industrial building.

You don't have to go far in our world to experience negativity, unhelpful opinions, and environments that don't value people. Our world isn't great about lifting up others. We aren't great about always seeing (truly seeing) the person in front of us.

Bethany believes in the importance of seeing, knowing and loving the people in front of us. Seeing is not only acknowledging someone's presence, it is also truly being present with them- pausing, taking a moment and seeing the beauty within them. Knowing is not only remembering pieces of a person's story, it is also going the extra mile to create space in ways that honor their story and show them that they are heard and understood. Loving is showing others that they matter, regardless of if you know them well, agree with them or have something in common- of all three, this is the most challenging, but most important. 

A photo of Bethany, the artist behind Passing Notes. She is wearing a black dress and is in an industrial building.

Whether they are friend, foe or stranger, everyone deserves to be encouraged and shown that they hold value. However, because this is not something practiced often, it can be awkward for both the giver and receiver of encouragement. Additionally, because our own inward dialogue often speaks illy of ourselves, there are often caveats spoken or thought when someone gives us encouragement. Handwritten notes change that experience entirely! Here is what we have discovered:

- A handwritten note is genuine. It cuts out the 'greeting card' generalizations, and instead replaces it with genuine and intentional words that meet people right where they are at.

- Our products have an artful element, and those Bethany has handed notes, cards and stickers to, continue to display them as a regular reminder. It doesn't become trash, becuase it isn't generic. 

- They can be given in various ways- anonymously, in the mail, on a desk, in a lunch box, alone or with a gift. This takes away the awkward feel because you can give them at a level that is comfortable for you, and the person you are giving it to. 

3x3 inch note cards in a hard carrying case. Many colors are included, this particular pack has calming tones.

While no one of us can change our entire world for the better, we can enlist change in the spaces around us. Since Passing Notes was started in 2023, over 300 people have taken on passing Notes, cards and stickers to see, know and love the people around them. Will you join us?

Take an inside look at our products and decide which one is best for you:

1. Note Packs: each pack includes 40- 3x3 inch cards, 20 different designs and 2 of each card. Artful handwritten statements on the front, and blank on the back if you'd like to add a customized note. Available with a hard carrying case to take with you on the go and keep the cards together, or in a 'refill' pack if the case isn't as important to you.

2. Stickers: handwritten statements that pack a punch produced on quality materials. Dishwasher & waterproof safe, resulting in a long last and durable addition to water bottles, mirrors, bumpers, computers and more. 

3. Cards: same artful style of our Note Pack cards, but in a traditional 4.25x5.5 inch (A2) sizing. If you're a lover of greeting cards, but want to shed the generic store styles, then these will meet your needs.

4. Digital Products: we offer several of our physical products in digital form so you can have access to them at all times, print them when you need and however often you need.

We are releasing new products regularly- if you don't see what you're looking for, please send us an email (passingnotesstudio@gmail.com) and we will likely add it to our next release (or create it custom just for you)!

Thank you for stopping by, happy note passing!